Jeff Depew has been an educator and researcher for over 40 years. He has involved hundreds of students with field research and restoration ecology and the creation/rehabilitation/restoration of natural areas.  Jeff has a BS in Environmental Science, Horticulture and Biology; an MA in Education, and he has done extensive post-graduate work in ‘The Validity of Experiential Education in the Classroom’. Additionally, he has done extensive research and habitat restoration work with several endangered species and wetland habitats.

Jeff has been involved with the art and science of Restoration Ecology since the groundbreaking 1988 conference ‘Restoring the Earth’ and, also in 1988, the Society for Ecological Restoration and Management.

Throughout his career, Jeff has been a true practitioner of restoration ecology. He continues to restore wetland habitats throughout the central and western US, always involving students and communities. His current work is with the restoration of small wetlands and creation of natural areas that serve as ‘postage stamp habitats’ and ‘migratory waystations’ – all incorporating students, schools, neighborhoods and communities. Citizen Science is used to connect with other organizations and groups that are studying and recording species populations and movement, phenology, climate change, water changes and other natural phenomenon.

Jeff brings varied and extensive experience with education, research, environmental landscaping, the restoration of habitats, species and the outreach of communities to understand and appreciate nature and ecoregions.

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